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The savvy B2B marketer uses a diverse, multi-pronged approach to attract prospects and drive existing clients to purchase again. But one strategy – account-based marketing – outperforms the rest in today’s marketplace. In fact, SiriusDecisions reports that 93% of B2B marketing leaders consider account-based marketing extremely important for success. This method is especially profitable because it’s personalized, precise, and measurable. With a focus of resources on a specific set of targeted accounts, your marketing and sales teams converge to present your brand and content with streamlined efficiency. to learn why account-based marketing is essential to your overall strategy.

Customers crave personalization, and account-based marketing delivers.
Account-based marketing is tailored to each account. Instead of sending blanket messaging to a large audience, your team creates content specifically relevant to key accounts. This requires data-driven selection of your highest-potential customers and a deep understanding of their pain points. Though time intensive up front, this process offers your customers value with direct, highly personalized content. The extra time spent catering to your customers’ needs will set your business apart from the competition. As you create campaigns that truly resonate, you strengthen your relationship with the primary decision-makers of an organization. Not only will these efforts improve customer retention but they will also create opportunities to expand business with your target accounts.

When sales and marketing align, efficiency soars.
This marketing method forces the sales and marketing teams to work together. And with only 22% of companies who consider their sales and marketing departments well aligned, this collaboration push is often much-needed. With a more targeted focus on individual accounts, your marketing team has access to specific information about the main stakeholders and their conversion behaviors. Your sales team, in turn, can spend less time grooming leads that don’t produce and direct their resources toward accounts that actually want to hear from them. Much of the customer guesswork is out of the equation, and the sales cycle is consequently shortened. Communication becomes key as both teams work together and use data to optimize their efforts.

Account-based marketing offers more bang for your buck.
Higher ROI is one of the biggest benefits of this type of marketing. ITSMA reports that nearly 85% of marketers measuring ROI say that account-based marketing outperforms other marketing investments. And that’s largely because, with this method, you narrow your target audience to accounts with a proven interest in your brand. Your team can spend more time and resources on fruitful accounts, minimizing waste and risk. Of course, it’s even more economical if your business is already very knowledgeable of your most attractive accounts and their key decision-makers. Cost-efficiency can be further maximized with the use of technology tools that improve the account-targeting process.

Success is expected, and easy to measure.
When you market to established, high-value clients, it is easier to track your marketing dollars. Smaller data sets and fewer metrics make for simpler analysis than standard marketing methods. Sales and marketing coordination also simplifies goal setting and increases accountability. Once an account-based marketing campaign is well underway, Individual campaign results can be analyzed, along with account engagement, opportunities created, and account-level trends. That data can then be leveraged to further optimize your strategy for that account and others. Stop draining your resources on campaigns that don’t convert accounts. Nurture your key customers and close bigger deals by joining the % of companies with an established practice of account-based marketing. You can expect to put considerable time and energy into your most promising targets. But you can also expect to drive the most revenue as you build trust and meet the unique needs of each account. Your customers will appreciate it…and so will your budget.

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Account Based Marketing – Why should you adopt it http://www.videoverso.com/83079-2/ http://www.videoverso.com/83079-2/#respond Sat, 11 Jul 2020 19:13:08 +0000 http://www.videoverso.com/?p=83079 Account-Based Marketing is used by B2B marketers to identify and target the accounts they value the most. ABM solutions typically […]

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Account-Based Marketing is used by B2B marketers to identify and target the accounts they value the most. ABM solutions typically include account-based data and technology to help companies attract, engage, convert and then measure progress against customers and prospects.

Account-Based Marketing isn’t new. Many B2B companies have been doing some form of ABM for years. Typically, ABM was an expensive and time consuming method. But Today, Account-Based Marketing has the potential to have an even broader impact, thanks to technology that helps us automate and scale. The most significant, fundamental difference between old-fashioned ABM and what’s possible today is that now you can employ ABM at scale and integrate it into every stage of the marketing funnel. Although there are a number of touch points across the funnel where ABM will play a big part, before you can execute on these things, you need a plan to identify, market and measure your target account list.

83% Increased target account engagement with Sales.
70% Better Sales and Marketing alignment.
67% More qualified prospects.
59% Greater understanding of program performance
55% More pipeline opportunities.

The first step to implementing account-based website personalization is to build your target account list—the companies with the most potential to your business, which can include customers, prospects, partners or a mix of all three.
These attributes will vary based on what’s most important to your business. You can also segment the companies by account status—or where they are in the funnel. This allows you to deliver content and relevant experiences that are tailored to the needs of that particular account.

1. Use the list of accounts your sales team has put together.
2. Gather key stakeholders from both Marketing and Sales to align over a list of key accounts.
3. Use data to generate a list of target accounts, and then have a discussion with your sales team to determine a set of target accounts.
4. Leverage predictive analytics to discern the attributes of your best customers, and build a list of pre-qualified, ranked accounts.

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How to choose the right digital marketing agency for your business? http://www.videoverso.com/how-to-choose-the-right-digital-marketing-agency-for-your-business/ http://www.videoverso.com/how-to-choose-the-right-digital-marketing-agency-for-your-business/#respond Sat, 11 Jul 2020 18:52:47 +0000 http://www.videoverso.com/?p=83077 In today’s world, Digital marketing agencies have mushroomed in every corner of the world and how to choose the right […]

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In today’s world, Digital marketing agencies have mushroomed in every corner of the world and how to choose the right digital marketing agency has always been a? struggle for marketers around the world.

Marketers and CEO’s, especially in India, find it difficult to choose between ?Digital marketing companies that offer quality work versus someone that does a below average work.

Bad Agency hires not only impacts your finances but also, the time you have lost and the market share you have given to your competitors. I have put aside some key factors you can consider on how to choose the right digital marketing agency.

Goals or objectives

First and foremost you have to understand that not all agencies are capable of doing all work. Having founded Fuego myself, I must admit we are not strong in all domains. we have our strengths and limitations, so do all agencies.

A website development company might say, we provide marketing services in addition to design and development. A traditional advertising company will say, we have a digital marketing arm. There is no harm in giving a try to them, but please make sure what they excel at and what is your current requirement.

Digital marketing is an evolving industry and digital marketers have to be updated with the recent trends and techniques. You would always want your agency to be updated with the recent trends and updates.

List down your objectives or goals first.

What is that you want out of the agency-Website design or Social media management or content writing or SEO or lead generation or all of this.

You should always understand that all digital marketing companies are not the same. Do you want immediate leads and conversion or do you want more visibility for your brand?


The agency’s website is another valuable source to get more information about the specific services the company offers., their culture, their blogs and their style of writing and communication. A little research online on their website and blogs will give some good information before you can actually talk to them.

The website of an agency?tells a story about their brand, company, and its culture. Based on your goals and requirements you could short-list an agency most of the time from the website itself.

Case studies(Previous work–Industry specific)

This is a pretty basic question any company would ask an agency, but I suggest, to go one step ahead to know, what exact work was done and what were the results. Talk to their clients, if possible, to see, if they are happy with the results. Understand the goals set by the agency and if they were met.

Have they done work in the lines of your goals and expectations?

In the majority of the cases, having experience in the same industry domain as yours should actually not be major selection criteria as most of the digital marketing techniques are applicable to any industry domains. However, very few Industries like Healthcare or Entertainment might require some significant expertise in that Industry.

We have experience working on reality shows for Television channels. Although the marketing techniques are the same, the client expectations and project management are different here. Timely updates and 24/7 availability are crucial for reality shows which would be easier for agencies that had handled shows of similar nature in the past.

They might have worked for 10’s of clients but collect case study specific to your goals.,e.g? if you are looking for SEO service, get the case study on SEO service specifically.

Expectations-Set realistic goals

This is an important factor, I would like to mention. The clients should be aware of the ROI and set realistic goals and expectations. Paid advertising could always get you instant leads or results but organic marketing and SEO will take time. Always, remember to ask these questions.

  • What is the time frame required to complete a particular campaign or deliverable?
  • What are the deliverables for the entire scope of work or the budget?
  • What will be the expected projections on conversions or leads if possible?
  • Are you aware of our strengths/weakness online?
  • Are you aware of our strengths/weakness online?
  • Are you aware of our?competitor’s?strengths/weaknesses online?

The best relationship between a client and an agency is always established only by setting the right expectations. Set the communication clear, and make sure everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Review-How they measure their results

You should review their lead capture or sale funnel mechanism if they have one. Do they use any reporting tools or what mechanism do they have to track their results? When they set expectations and goals, how are they reporting it to?you?

Do they have transparency in their ad spends or do they give you access to their portals or do they have any communications software’s or project management tools to measure the progress of your campaign or project? What is the frequency of their client reports or updates? Most of the time agencies, will not want you to know their trade secrets but they should be able to help you know what you are getting for the money you pay for.

If you already have any campaigns running, have an open conversation with them to review your current campaign and audit them.


Check your marketing budgets for the year and talk to agencies accordingly.

Always remember, even the highest paid advertising spenders online, have always started small. No matter how big or small your marketing budgets are, make sure the agency is aware of your marketing spends for the quarter and the entire year.

Sit and plan your marketing spends with the agency and work in sync with them. Plan your deliverable’s accordingly and set aside the job responsibilities for your team based on the budgets. Take time to explain your limitations on the budgets and plan accordingly. If you have budgeted for some offline events or activities(conferences, trade shows) during the year let the digital marketing agency know about it, so they may come up in handy to promote some of your events online too.

Founder’s profiles

This is another important criterion which a lot of companies fail to notice and they fall for marketing sweet-talk’s ?and get convinced by smarter salespeople. Founders are the basis for any agency and it is their experience and training that gets pushed onto their employees.

I suggest to check the following on the?founder’s?profile and give preference to these. These are not mandatory but it’s a huge plus to have them.

  • What is their educational background?
  • Does any one of the founders have an MBA or a Master’s on marketing or IT or?Softwares?
  • Does any of the founders have relevant work experience in advertising or marketing or IT or softwares?

There have always been exceptions of even college drop-out’s being very successful as entrepreneurs but everyone is always not exceptional.


Although, all of the above are the key factors to select a digital marketing agency, find below some of the practices to avoid and be cautious about.

Unethical marketing practices-Stay away from agencies that do black-hat techniques to get followers or instant website traffic. Google search engine is becoming smarter every year and these black hat techniques will not only spoil your reputation but also get your website penalized by Google.

Don’t get carried away by

We have worked with 100 + Clients-Obviously a company handling more than 100 clients at the same time, will have over 100 employees or revenues greater than 5 million dollars. Even if it is a small boutique company if they have a relevant case study to handle your marketing, you can consider them. Nobody is against big companies but Clients get the most attention with smaller agencies these days.

Ad words certified:?A minimum ad spend of $10000 in 3 months is almost sufficient to get Ad words certified, so there is nothing to brag about this.

I know people at Google,?Facebook:?All agencies have representatives. Period.

I hope the above will help you choose your Digital marketing agency and make better business decisions. Instead of looking for a vendor, please look for a Marketing partner.

Good Luck with your search and I hope I have covered everything.If you feel something needs to be added please feel free to leave your comments below.

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Learn how Google Search Engine Works for some effective SEO tips http://www.videoverso.com/learn-how-google-search-engine-works-for-some-effective-seo-tips/ http://www.videoverso.com/learn-how-google-search-engine-works-for-some-effective-seo-tips/#respond Sat, 11 Jul 2020 14:16:16 +0000 http://www.videoverso.com/?p=83066 The science behind how Google search engine works Google has a history of updating its algorithm several hundred times a […]

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The science behind how Google search engine works

Google has a history of updating its algorithm several hundred times a year. If you learn the science behind google’s search engine algorithm, you can pick up some valuable SEO tips for your website.

SEO Analyst’s and Digital strategist around the world have never been able to predict google search engine’s algorithm updates and get to work on an SEO strategy for their website. We can only learn the way google search engine works. The majority of these updates are minor though some of them cannot be ignored, few of them are major like?Panda,?Penguin,?Hummingbird??&?Pigeon.

It requires some understanding of this amazing platform Google so you can strategically plan your SEO efforts without getting?penalized?from Google.

To start understanding how?Google search engine works, let’s start with the basic’s first. What is Google’s?mission?

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

It can be seen from their mission that Google organizes all information and makes it accessible to everyone who searches for it and makes sure, it give the most relevant information in the quickest time possible. Imagine if google is going to give you a search result with information which is not too relevant to your search query, then you will not be searching on Google again.

Now, it is the way Google searches, identifies and then displays the correct search result for you makes it unique. When you type a particular set of keywords, Google will crawl the internet, identify the closely matching content, rank them and then display them in your search results.

The way it delivers relevant results to your search quickly is what makes Google the #1 search engine in the world. Google search engine works in a way to give us only the most relevant and useful information.

There are more than?200 different ranking factors?on which Google ranks a page. To know how this google search engine works you don’t have to know all the 200 ranking factors. This article?provides you the basics of how this massive search engine works.

Lets us now see what actually happens when google performs a search on a keyword.

Imagine until a decade ago, we had telephone directories to find phone numbers of people. The directory will have an Index to all the pages and then names will be arranged in alphabetical order. This makes it easy for us to quickly locate a telephone number.

Google also works in the same way but it has millions of websites and information to crawl and Index. It is a giant beast that crawls, indexes, ranks and then?displays?the most relevant content to the users.

Google has the following major process for their searches.


Let us look into each on these in detail


Google uses web crawling software’s to access websites and their pages available online. Googlebot is the most common software Google uses. These crawlers will go to websites, link by link, page by page, follow the hyperlinks and collect data about the website and its pages. This data is then sent back to Google servers.

The crawler also uses data from past crawls and sitemaps, that a website may have. This is the reason sitemaps play a huge role in your SEO efforts.

What are Sitemaps?

A?Sitemap?is an XML file that provides basic information for Google about your website and the pages. It is often important to update your sitemaps whenever you add new pages.

Website like




provide sitemap creation service and most of the time it is free and you input your URL and they will generate an XML sitemap for you to upload.

The web crawler looks at new pages created, dead or error pages and changes to your existing pages.

The data from the Google servers help the web crawlers to determine the sites to crawl, how often and the number of pages to fetch from each site.

Website owners have the right to choose their entire website or certain pages on their website to not be crawled by Google. this can be done by Robots.txt file. This file can provide details on what pages the site owner does not prefer to be crawled or provide instructions for Google bots on how to process their site.

Page Rank?is another major factor for Google to determine your page much early on the crawl. We will discuss on page rank in detail following this.


As mentioned a little while ago, Google will have to gather all the pages during its crawl and Index them much like a telephone directory.

Google processes the information from WebCrawler’s and Index them based on the site title, tags, meta tags and description. Here Google determines the quality of your content also. The crawler makes use of sitemaps and checks with the data from the previous crawls

When a user inputs a keyword on Google search, Google bots crawl?that page and then the algorithm goes over these Indexes to bring the most relevant results. The complex algorithms determine a ranking factor and place them on searches appropriately.

Google always returns the most appropriate content related to the searches and that is what make Google a huge search giant.

How to find if your?pages?are ?Indexed by google.

The quick and easiest way to know if Google has indexed your page is to go to Google search bar and type


You should not type www. Just type your URL, eg


Google returns all the number of pages it has indexed and you can also see the pages that are Indexed.

The following are some the ideal way to get your pages indexed.

1.Google Webmaster

On the Google?webmaster?tool, you have an option fetch as Google.This is located in the health section.

Type the URL in the text box and click fetch. This will fetch the page to see if it has been indexed. The status will update to successful. Click submit to Index. Individual URL’s can be submitted or URL’s containing links to all the content updated recently can be submitted. You can submit up to 500 URL a week.

2.XML Sitemap: Create an XML sitemap and submit to Google inside your webmaster account itself.

?Ranking & Display

Google looks at more than 200 factors to rank a page. I have just listed down few of the ranking factors here to work for your page.

On Domain Level:?Google gives priority to rank websites which have the same keywords?in?the domain name as their target keyword. Moz, considered as one of the leading SEO software’s in the world has domain authority as one of the major ranking?factors?in its tool.

The domain authority is determined based on several factors related to the domain, its URLS, links and root domains.

Page Level:

Keywords on the Title and the page

The keywords in the title and page play a major role on Google to rank your page. For example, if you are searching for “best digital SLR camera for beginners”

As you can see here, the first search result has the right keywords and the appropriate title, that closely matches what the user is looking for.

Content freshness, quality, and Length

Google always looks for content freshness and that is the reason, how frequently you update your blog, makes a lot of difference.

Some blogs like?Mashable?and?Huffington post?update their websites every day. You can update your pages or add more content to your website daily or weekly or monthly. Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent. When Google crawls your page first time it assigns a freshness score and eventually that score will decrease if you do not update your content frequently.

Quality of the content

Here the length of the content, the keywords used and the duplicated pages are all taken into account by Google.

The content has to be meaningful, detailed and relevant content. During the previous updates of Google especially before the panda release small size articles without much relevance would also rank higher on Google but now after the Panda update in 2014 only detailed content(sometimes, as much as 2000 words) get priority and it has to be relevant to your website.

The article has to analyze in depth about the subject you are talking about and give either a solution or information to the user. It has to give meaningful insights to a subject. This is the reason Infographics are now becoming very popular and a good ranking factor for Google to rank your page.

Kissmetrics?increased their traffic from 0 to 350,000 in a month by only providing meaningful Infographics.

Quality Backlinks:

Quality backlinks is another major factor on the recent google update. Until?a few?years ago, there were sites which could provide back links to the user for as less as $5. With the recent Google algorithm updates, these do not work anymore. 10 bad quality backlink is not as good as one good quality backlink.

Moz bar helps you to determine if the Inbound links come from a domain that has good page rank and domain authority.

Google check for the authority of the domains these links originate from and the relevance to your business. Lots of websites have been penalized recently for having used paid links. These link providers give links to your website for a fee. These are not google favorites anymore. Google also check’s for dead links, error?pages, and broken links.

Social sharing

A good content always gets shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +. In other words, a well-written content after a good research, that has detailed information is likely to get shared more often.

Buzzsumo?is a tool to identify viral contents and trending topics. You can search for a particular keyword on Buzzsumo and see the most popular or viral content that has been shared a lot on social media platforms.

As you can see here, the keyword “Google algorithm updates” has some articles that have been shared so many times on social media platforms.

In short, the comments, the shares and Retweets you get for your article has a major effect on the way Google ranks your page.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is another major factor Google now ranks your website or your page. The recent updates on Google double checks to make sure, your content is original and unique. The Google algorithm can crawl the internet and find the oldest copy of the original content and match it with the page rank and identify the creator of the original content. In that case, the page having duplicate content gets penalized by Google. There are certain guidelines provided by Google for Duplicate content(https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66359?hl=en).

SiteLiner?is a tool that can be used to find out if your website has original content or to what extent is duplicate content present in your website.

?As you can see here,?Moz?has only around 4% duplicate content. This will help you determine if your site has a lot of duplicate content or not.

The other way around, you can also let google know about the duplicate content. In case your original content ranks less than the duplicate content, you can let google know about it through Scrapper report Tool.


Mobilegeddon:?This is the most recent Google algorithm update, that requires your website to be mobile friendly. This is one of the biggest algorithm change Google?has done recently and the websites which are not mobile friendly are going to be rank less. If your website is not mobile- friendly, then your SEO ranking gets affected.

Responsive design has now become mandatory with the recent google update.

You can take the mobile-friendly test from Google.


You can go and type your URL and Google will crawl your page and tell you if the website is mobile friendly or not.

February 2016 update

The algorithm change Google has made on February 18th, 2016 is a huge shift from its normal display preferences on search results. Here is what you will notice.

All side ads are removed from the search results

A fourth advert appears in the center above the organic search results.

Product listing ads (Google Shopping) and some knowledge graph ads will still appear in the right column.

Although?this change is only for the paid search updates, it will have some significant implications on the organic results too. This will push the organic search results even further down. Every extra ad placement will push the organic results down by one position.

It is premature to conclude the exact implications of these changes on to the organic search results now. We will have to wait for some time to see.


I hope this article provides some basic?insights?on to how Google search engine works. These are not the only factors required for your pages to rank. Many other attributes also determine your page rank and authenticity. This article provides only the major factors on which the Google search engine works so you can get some effective?SEO?tips. Also, there are some do-not-do items for your website to not get penalized. The following are some of them.

1.Spammy Guest Blogging
2.Too many inappropriate inbound Links.
3.Buying Inbound links for a fee.
4.Keyword stuffing on to the content.
5.Relying on back-links than quality content.

Never try to manipulate how Google search engine works and try to stuff keywords. Instead, focus on delivering good informative and useful content to your readers. Always remember, your readers are real humans and not bots.

Bottom Line:?Read Google’s mission and make sure you are building organic content that is relevant, detailed and makes it more creative sometimes with Infographics. Use appropriate tools like?MOZ?or?Deepcrawl?to review your site’s performance and keep a constant watch on your website through Google webmaster and analytics tools. This is the basis to?learn how google search engine works and its algorithm but keep watching for updates from Google.

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7 Simple Google adwords hacks to reduce pay per click advertising costs http://www.videoverso.com/7-simple-google-adwords-hacks-to-reduce-pay-per-click-advertising-costs/ http://www.videoverso.com/7-simple-google-adwords-hacks-to-reduce-pay-per-click-advertising-costs/#respond Fri, 10 Jul 2020 21:40:45 +0000 http://www.videoverso.com/?p=83054 Pay Per Click advertising(PPC) costs can be reduced with these simple Adwords hacks Pay per Click advertising rates are always […]

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Pay Per Click advertising(PPC) costs can be reduced with these simple Adwords hacks

Pay per Click advertising rates are always a major challenge and that is the reason, a good digital marketing agency comes in handy for you.
PPC ads are less expensive compared to other platforms like LinkedIn, still, if you are not going to reduce your cost per conversion, then you will end up spending a lot more money than you think. Ideally, every business should make an average of $2 for every $1 they spend on Adwords.
Hence, pay per click advertising campaigns created and managed by smarter marketers perform better and have less cost per conversion.
In this blog, you will get to know some of the best Adwords hacks to get your conversions and most of these are always overlooked.
1.Competitor Analysis
pay per click ads will bid higher when you have more competitors. Your competitors may be ranking better and using ideal keywords. It would help us a lot if you analyze their strengths and weakness on their pay per click advertising campaigns.
There are lots of tools available to spy on your competitors like iSpionage, Keywordspy, and SEMRUSH.
A tool like espionage will give you complete insights into your competitor’s keywords used on PPC, their ad copy and ad budgets.
Let’s take an example: Hootsuite.com and see what their pay per click advertising strategies are.
Go to ispionage.com and enter the URL and click search.


As you can see, the tool gives you the list of Pay per click(PPC) keywords they use, their ads and their landing page copy

The keywords list will also give you the CPC(cost per click) and the search volume which makes it a little easier to get our keywords done accordingly.

You can also see the ad copy and the landing page URL. We can analyze which ad copy worked well for them and take some tips from their best performing landing pages.
2. Use effective remarketing
Re-marketing is the most optimal display ad strategy and it is an effective way to improve your website traffic. It helps you to urge the abandoning visitors from your website to re-visit your website.
Remarketing may be an ideal conversion optimization tool but it’s definitely going to reduce your overall cost to acquire a customer and increase your traffic. Most people may not convert to customers in their first visit to the website.
Sometimes when you visit websites like Amazon or eBay and browse certain products and exit without buying. You may have noticed a few hours later you could have seen the same product getting displayed on another website but with a discount now. This time, you get more tempted to buy the product. This is remarketing.

Watch finder, a UK based leading premium watch retailer, saw a 1300% ROI using targeted remarketing. They defined their sales funnel location, languages, etc to make people revisit their website and make a purchase. This demonstrates the fact that the scope of increasing the conversions is higher with remarketing. But it has to be a consistent and aggressive approach since the users have already visited your website or have shown interest in your product or services and hence clicked an ad
Dynamic remarketing for e-commerce
If you are running an e-commerce store, dynamic remarketing will help you increase conversions.
Here is an example of how a dynamic remarketing campaign works.

Instead of the traditional remarketing, where an ad from your ad group is shown to the remarketing list. The dynamic remarketing shows the most relevant products from your merchant center feed. The users will be shown products based on where they landed up on your site.
3. Running LinkedIn ads through Google display network
Most of us are aware of the fact that LinkedIn is the best marketing tool available for B2B marketing. LinkedIn has the world’s largest professional audience social network. Directly advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive hence Google display network comes in handy.
It was a surprise to me when I first read about LinkedIn being part of Google Display Network, and that is a huge potential for B2B marketing. Here you can strategically place your display ads on the LinkedIn platform.
In your Display advertising setting, create a new group for LinkedIn, and run your Image and text ads specifically to target the LinkedIn platform. You could choose the site + Keyword targeting and insert a text and Image ad on Google Display network. Here you can reduce your cost-per-click and get the more relevant targeted audience to click your ads.
This would cost you, at least, three times more when running ads directly with LinkedIn.

4.Effective landing page
A good landing page acts as a lead magnet for you. Your ad copy, keywords used, design, and content on the landing page should all fall in sync and be relevant to each other. When your landing page is effective, you have higher clicks and traffic.
An A/B testing on your landing page can be done with every element on your page. A simple color change on a call-to-action button can improve your conversion. You have to test different variations to see which one works well for you.

Align the ad-copy with the landing page: You can see an improvement in your click-through rates when you have your ad copy and your landing page in sync. When you align these two together, your quality score will obviously improve. Here are the major factors affecting your quality score.
As you can see here, the ad relevance and the quality of the landing page make a huge difference to the CTR(Click-through-rates). When your ad copy is relevant to the landing page a high-quality score is assigned.

5.Gmail ads
Gmail ads are today one of the most effective Google Adwords hacks you can try. This will help you reduce your overall pay per click advertising costs.
These ads appear on the top or right side of the user’s Gmail account screen.
You also have Gmail sponsored promotions that appear to the users right in their inbox. You can usually see Primary and Social tabs in your Gmail inbox. when turned on, the Promotions tab appears next to it.

The following are the steps to follow while creating Gmail Sponsored Promotions.
1. Select the option Display Network only when you create a new campaign.

1. Select all features on the Type.
2. Make a new Ad group and select ” Use a different targeting method”

1. Click multiple placements and type the following
mail.google.com::Top center, Inbox
Click add and save, and you are done.

Gmail Promoted ads: The following step will help you create a Gmail promoted ad

1. Go to your campaign and click ads

2. Select ad gallery-The following screen appears

Then select Gmail ads

As you can see here, we have four options. Select the “Gmail single promotion template” to begin with.
The following are the sections that appear on the screen now.

Ad Name-This is for internal use. You can give any name
Display URL- The URL that is seen by the user
Landing page: You can add your landing page URL here
Logo-Insert you Logo here
Advertiser-You company name
Subject-You can have a good headline here to grab attention
Description-A short description of your ad
Image-You can upload your image ad
Headline-A good headline
Content-Your offers details
Call-to-action-button- Here, you should have an enticing Call-to-action button. Here are some good examples of some best Call-to-action buttons.
Call to action button URL: The Landing page URL
Now, select the ad group you want your ad to be saved save it when you are satisfied with your settings.
6. Negative Keywords:
Adding negative keywords always increases your chances of optimizing your Adwords campaign to the best, in turn, reducing your pay per click advertising costs only. Most of us know that Google Adwords works by auction. The bidder with the highest quality score gets to place his ads in front of the audience.
This also means that your ad should not appear in front of the people who are not actually interested in the exact services you offer. Eg., If I am selling apartments, I will not want my ads to show in front of people looking for apartments to rent. This is exactly where you need to place rent as a negative keyword if you are looking to sell apartments.
Free and Cheap are the most common negative keywords. As you can guess, these people do not intend to buy, so we can add these to the negative keyword list.
The following are some of the most common negative keywords lists which can be used in most of the campaigns
? free
? cheap
? nude
? naked
? sex
? porn
? porno
? torrent
? torrents
? youtube
? craigslist
? eBay
? Kijiji

You can add negative keywords to all your ad groups in your campaign or across a particular ad group.
Select the Keywords tab on your campaign level or your ad group level.

Click Negative Keywords. Click the plus on the red keywords tab. Here you can add all your negative keywords. You can add negative keywords for both search and display advertising. If you include negative keywords for display advertising, your ad will not appear on the website that has that keyword list. Eg: if you have “Rent” as a negative keyword your ad will not appear on portal having apartments for rent.
When you are running a paid advertising campaign, it is the quality of the targeted clicks that matter and not the quantity. Including negative keywords helps you to not only increase your click-through rates(CTR) but also help you reduce the cost per click(CPC) thereby you reducing your overall ad budget.
7.Video Ads
According to the 2015 video marketing survey conducted by ReelSEO, 96% of the B2B organizations are doing video content marketing.
Google Adwords for video is a great opportunity to run video ads on YouTube. Here you can use the same keywords much cheaper.
The following are the different ad formats available with Video ads. Your ads can appear at the following places.
1. In-Search: YouTube search results. You are charged here when the user clicks the video.
2. In-Stream: Before, during, or after a video plays. Here the viewer can skip the ads after 4 or 5 seconds. If your ads run for more than 30 seconds, then you get charged. If the ads are shorter than 30 seconds then you are charged when the ads run fully.
3. In-Display: These appear, something like a sponsored ad next to the other videos on the YouTube watch page. You will have it labeled as Ad. Even here you get charged only when the user clicks the Video.
The following screenshot is an example of In-Search Ads.

Here is an example of In-display ads

Video ads are great in terms of the benefits of the offer to the advertisers but it may not suit all businesses. The click-through-rates could also be less on video ads and hence the pay per click advertising costs. Also, creating video ads requires a lot of expertise like an In-House studio, editing software, and voice over artists.
So, think of the costs involved in creating the video versus the returns you get from running the ads and then go for video ads.
Google releases YouTube ads leader board every year and you can see, the ads that get shortlisted are the ones that are made very creative to get the maximum views.
The above hacks, not only help you optimize your click-through rates but will also get your quality score increased so your pay per click advertising cost becomes less. Google Adwords pay per click advertising(PPC) is one of the most effective ways to generate leads but at the same time if you are not cautious enough, you may end up spending more money.
You should always optimize your ads effectively so your costs-per-click is always lower. I always try to run search and display ads together to get leads from the search ads and get some quality traffic and visibility for my brand from the Display advertising campaigns. I have also realized that creating an effective landing page is the most important hack among all of these because without and effective landing page, all other hacks may not work appropriately.
I hope, I have covered some useful Google Adwords hacks to reduce your pay per click advertising costs, if I have missed out on anything, please feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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12 must have traits to learn from startup entrepreneurs today http://www.videoverso.com/12-must-have-traits-to-learn-from-startup-entrepreneurs-today/ http://www.videoverso.com/12-must-have-traits-to-learn-from-startup-entrepreneurs-today/#respond Fri, 03 Jul 2020 21:04:07 +0000 http://www.videoverso.com/?p=82968 In recent years, we have had hundreds of startups mushrooming all over the globe with entrepreneurs bursting with new and […]

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In recent years, we have had hundreds of startups mushrooming all over the globe with entrepreneurs bursting with new and innovative ideas. This year, the Indian scenario is very encouraging for entrepreneurs who have already been developing a startup or those who have been dreaming about it with a fantastic idea. This New Year 2016 has begun on a very happy note with the government announcing so many benefits for future businesses that will result in an overwhelming response from entrepreneurs.

Some very successful startups with unique ideas that have clicked instantly are worth mentioning here. They are Practo, OYO, Pepperfry, Olacabs, and Freshdesk. The ideas behind every successful startup are simple but first-of-its-kind.

Practo.com helps patients to identify the best specialist in their locality, simultaneously helping doctors to be more organized. The CEO, Shashank?ND, and his team have simplified the way a doctor’s appointment is done.

OYOrooms.com is a super-duper idea of a tie-up with hotels in 150 locations offering reasonably rented rooms for a very good stay. Ritesh Agarwal, founder, and CEO is one of the young dreamers who made it very successful.

Then we have?pepperfry.com?an online store with quality furniture and things for a complete makeover of your house with awesome services. Founded by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah have made their venture a household name, literally!

Olacabs?has become so popular, for their services are commendable and its reliability quotient is very high. Bhavish Aggarwal, founder, and CEO is one of the young breeds of entrepreneurs who have made it big with commitment and focus on their services.

Every single company mentioned here is created for a purpose and they have apps to make customers comfortable and easy to use

Now that we have a whole lot of talents to talk about, how can we help future entrepreneurs who have this idea in mind and just needs a slight nudge to go for it? The traits for a winner can be identified as follows.


1. Dream big but be different

Follow your dreams when you are ready to go for it. Unleash the knowledge that you have gained and start planning.

2. Take the risk

?When a new concept is being developed it involves a lot of research, time, and money to firm it up and giving it shape.

3. Consult a mentor

?A consultant with experience in startups will be essential as it would save a lot of time in paperwork and also launching on the day set for it.

4. Be flexible

?Every single initiative in the project may need fine tuning and you should be flexible enough to take in the inputs of your fellow coordinators thereby weeding all the obstacles.

5. Identify your consumers

?For example, Paperboat.com came with the idea of packaging traditional, natural juices we used to have as children and the nostalgia that comes with it!

6. Be persistent

?Along the way, while building your idea into a business, you will face negative responses and discouragement. Belief in what you do and keep moving forward.

7. Strengthen your support system

?You will have to make major changes in your lifestyle while giving you two hundred percent. Familial support is very important to stay on board.

8. Hire the right talent

?Your team must have the same motivation and vision as you. Winning teams always work toward the same goal.

9. Be aware of the competition

?There are competitors who can instantly copy what you are doing for a lesser price. Always try to be a step ahead of others in the race.

10. Get constant reviews from customers

?The inputs given by customers are real-time solutions that are valuable and can be updated. Make them part of your decision-makers.

11. Happy employees give happy business

?Giving attention to their needs and pampering them a little with incentives will enable them to give their best.

12. Design a winning culture

?Employees are offered ESOP and other plans to build a long term relationship with them.

The above characteristics help future entrepreneurs to go for it and build an empire for themselves by contributing to the people they are in contact all the way!

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